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Ehud Olmert Fast Facts

View the Ehud Olmert Fast Facts on CNN and learn more information about the former prime minister of Israel.


Israel to transfer at least 1 million Covid-19 vaccines to Palestinians in swap deal

Israel has announced plans to transfer at least one million doses of coronavirus vaccine to the Palestinian Authority (PA), according to an Israeli government statement.

Saudi Arabia executes man who allegedly committed crimes as a minor

Saudi Arabia has executed a 26-year-old man for crimes related to governmental rioting that he allegedly committed while he was a minor, rights groups Amnesty International and Reprieve said, condemning the execution.

As Netanyahu’s reign ends, he leaves behind a wealthier, more divided Israel and a stalled peace process

To supporters, Benjamin Netanyahu is the tireless protector of modern-day Israel who helped turn the small nation into an economic powerhouse with outsized global influence. To critics, he's a divider who helped destroy democratic institutions while enabling the rise of extremists.


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