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Trump’s grotesque coronavirus theater

President Donald Trump has reminded the world why the country is in such dire straits under his leadership, writes Frida Ghitis.His extraordinarily irresponsible, reckless strategy of downplaying the dangers of the coronavirus didn't just fail to protect him, it also put his staff and his supporters at risk.


Wildfire smoke may stop Phoenix from breaking record high of 115 degrees

Nevada and Arizona are looking at breaking all-time state record highs this week, but Phoenix could halt just shy of its record Tuesday due to wildfire smoke.

Lisa Banes, ‘Gone Girl’ actress, has died following hit and run accident

Actress Lisa Banes, who appeared in numerous television series and films like "Gone Girl," died Monday after suffering injuries sustained from being hit by a scooter in New York City earlier this month, the NYPD and a law enforcement official told CNN Tuesday.

20 Peloton accessories to buy based on your fave instructor

Whether you're in Cody's "Boo Crew" or a huge fan of Robyn Arzon, we've got the Peloton accessories that your favorite Peloton instructor would approve of.


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