The 5 myths associated with buying expensive rollerball pens

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It is easy, however, to be skeptical of luxury pens. To think that they are just “subjective” or that luxury pens or limited editions are as cheap as cheaper pens but with shiny veneers or faux gold nibs.

In the following article, I will explain 5 reasons why that isn’t true.

It is worth it to me, but it will take some reflection on what you value before I agree.

In this article, we will talk more about it.

Let’s start with the 6 top reasons why I think that luxury pens really are worth it.

1. Luxury pens last more.

2. They write smoother.

3. They offer a higher sense of purpose.

4. Bics are perfect for gifts that commemorate special occasions.

5. They are family heirlooms.

6. You are better for your environment!

Before we dive deeper into the reasons luxury pens are a good investment, let’s examine the myths that prevent people from making the right decision.

5 Myths concerning buying an expensive pen

Here are the top 5 luxury pen myths that we hear a lot.

1. A luxury pen, it is a waste.

2. A luxury pen can be as good as or worse than a low-quality pen.

3. It’s insane to purchase a pen of luxury.

4. A luxury pen indicates that you have a self-esteem problem.

5. Luxury fountain pens are too costly.

Let’s have a look at each to find the problem.

1.) A luxury pen, is a waste money

We hear it a lot. However, we disagree.

They’re not a squander of money for just a few reasons. You could save money. It is easy to see the difference between spending pen packs over 5 year and buying a premium pen once.

They may cost the same over time, or you might save some money.

You only need to be conscious of the reasons you want a pen that is limited or high-quality.

2.) There is no real difference in writing qualities.

Some critics seem to believe that anyone would pay more for a luxurious pen is crazy. They think that luxury pens are more subjective, symbolic, and gratuitous than normal pens. Their distinction is based on the utility and functionality of normal pens. It makes complete sense to buy a luxury pen purely for that feeling.

3.) If you are a luxury pen owner, it means that you have self-esteem problems.

If they don’t have a large qualitative difference in function from regular pens then many would argue that they have a low self-esteem.

This sentiment super-condescending I think is common to all people who have (and, most importantly, enjoy a luxury pen).

4.) Luxury pens too expensive

Luxury does not have to mean expensive pens. Luxury pens are not always expensive. But, luxury pens with a higher price tag can be found in the $20-$50 category. They will still perform better, last longer, look more luxurious, and offer more value.

It is essential to find the best “luxury” that fits your budget.

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