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Nomination Friendship Bracelets



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Nomination Jewellery is known for its beautifully unique and stunning Italian craftsmanship. Founded in Florence by Paolo Gensini, the original Nomination bracelet was created to be uniquely individual.  Made from stainless steel with a spring mechanism, each bracelet can be adapted and personally designed to please each and every individual, making it the perfect addition to everyone’s outfit.

With plenty of collections to choose from it’ll be easy to find the right piece of Nomination jewellery for you or your loved ones. The Trendsetter collection is filled with stylish Stainless Steel bracelets either plated with 9 carat Rose Gold or 18 carat Gold. Beautifully encrusted with Cubic Zirconia on selected pieces to make you stand out from the crowd and be the first to set the next trend. With bracelets starting from £29, you really don’t need to break the bank to treat yourself to a luxury statement piece of Nomination jewellery.

At the heart of Nomination, the Composable collection is a true innovation in the jewellery industry. The iconic jewellery collection is filled with different nomination charms and links to build your own bracelet and express your style personality. Each link contains a different symbol, letter, or inscription so that you can mix and match, whether that’s for you or as a gift for someone who loves Nomination jewellery.

The Nomination collections make it easy for you and your friends to show off your style and share your friendship through jewellery. Nomination bracelets are the perfect thing to share with your best friend, with the endless amounts of charms available to choose, there will always be the perfect options for you and your bestie.

With Nomination’s “one for me, one for you range” it’s never been easier to create friendship bracelets with matching links. Build the bracelets up from scratch and then at the end when you’re left with links that no longer fit in, why not “Nominate” someone else by gifting them the links you’ve swapped out from your original bracelet. The easily detachable links make it exciting to expand your look and share the jewellery fun with friends and family.

With matching links for friends, family, partners, there are plenty of options for friendship bracelets with Nomination. Nomination bracelets are simple to create as a personalised gift or as a treat just for you. Simply chose your very first link and begin designing your composable and personalised bracelet from that step onwards. If you love the Italian style shown within each individually designed link, you can continue to add to your jewellery collection by swapping in and out your links for every style and occasion.

With glitz and glamour, simplicity and elegance or bold and bright, the collection of charms for the composable bracelet can give every woman the opportunity to express her inner beauty on the outside. Why not treat yourself or a loved one to the beautiful elegance of a Nomination bracelet. To shop the collection of charms and bracelets, visit us in selected stores or go online and browse all the Nomination jewellery collections at The Jewel Hut or T. H. Baker.

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