Russet Potato – What To Know About This Potato Type 

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Potatoes are one of the many staple crops that are widely consumed throughout the world, apart from wheat and rice. One of the many kinds of potatoes known as the Russet potatoes is the most nutritious type in the world of potatoes. These Idaho or baking potatoes are also known for their high-calorific and baking value. 

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Nutritional Values of Russet Potatoes 

Here are some of the nutritional benefits of consuming Russet potatoes periodically. 

Macronutrients If you consider the number of calories in a baked potato, then you are adding, 

  1. 168 calories 
  2. The protein of 5 grams 
  3. Carbohydrate 37 grams 
  4. Fiber 4 grams 
  5. Fat 0.2 grams 
  6. Carbs 3.8 grams

Every time you consume a piece of baked Russet potatoes, you can stay assured that you are supplying all these above-mentioned nutrients to your body. 

  • Antioxidants 

Some of the antioxidants such as phenolic acids, flavonoids, and carotenoids are present abundantly in every serving of Russet potato-rich dishes. These antioxidants are required for neutralizing the harmful molecules in the body. Enough supply of these antioxidants can guarantee to keep heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and other major health issues at bay. 

  • Vitamins 

Potatoes are rich in many kinds of vitamins such as Vitamin B-6, C, DV, folate, thiamine, riboflavin, folate, niacin, and so on. All these vitamins are known for converting every ounce of food that you consume into energy cells, which are required to keep your body active throughout the day. 

  • Blood Sugar is Kept Under Control 

You might have noticed pale white water that is left behind after you wash the sliced potato pieces thoroughly in a bowl containing water. This is known as resistant starch. It will not be completely removed from the potatoes while washing, and the amounts of starch that are present in the potato that you consume will serve as the nutrient source for the beneficial bacteria that work in the gut region of your body. 

With the presence of enough supply of this nutrient, your blood sugar is kept under control, as it will reduce the chances of your body developing resistance to the insulin intake. 

  • Digestive Health Improvement 

When good bacteria present in the gut region of your body are kept healthy and at the best working condition, you can stay assured that your digestive system is working in its best condition. The acids that are released by these bacteria during the digestive process will take care of many things including faulty bowel movements. 

Russet potatoes are mainly used for preparing some dishes such as French Fries, baked, mashed, and roasted potatoes, and some soups because of the flavor that they add to these dishes. They are even used as one of the main ingredients while preparing chicken, vegetable broths, salsa, and so on. 

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