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How to Choose A Chandelier For Your Dining Room?



Be it the dining space or foyer or any other space, chandeliers are a great option to make the best impression. They add a lot of beauty and elegance to any space and change even a plain-looking space into a piece of attraction especially among your guests. Once chandeliers were considered a traditional and fancy thing. However, now you are getting it in a wide range of options.

The dining room is one such place that draws attraction and is the best place to show your guests, your taste and style, through beautiful chandelier lighting. There are a variety of designs and types to choose from and it can be difficult to come to a conclusion. Here are some tips that would help you choose a suitable one for your dining room.

Visit Sofary to find a wide range of chandeliers. They have a lot of shapes and styles, especially for dining rooms. Some of their collections include the rectangle chandelier dining room, round modern rustic chandeliers, glass globes linear chandeliers, and a lot more. Whatever your budget and the size of your room, you will get one here.

Dining Room Lighting Ideas

The dining room is the main space to entertain your guests. Only with the proper lighting, you can bring the mood. The best selection of chandeliers can brighten up the entire space. Make sure that you hang it 30 inches above the table so that you get sufficient illumination.

If you make it closer to the table surface, it will become an interruption for the people there. If it is hung too higher, it will not serve the purpose of fixing it.

It will be good if the chandelier you choose has the dimming option. You can add more lighting, or soft lighting depending on the need and make it a more cheerful and eye-catching focal point. Make sure the design of the light fixture won’t cause glare and cause inconvenience to your guests.

Then comes the size factor. If you choose a bigger one, it will overpower the space and makes the room look too small and a very small chandelier would get lost in the space and you won’t get the desired light also. For that, there is simple math to decide the size.

If you are hanging it above the dining table:

If it is a round table, your chandelier size can be three-fourths of the diameter of the table. For a rectangular table, make sure it is less than at least 6” from all the edges.

Before buying a chandelier, decide what type of style will suit best for your dining room décor. If you wish for traditional ones, crystal chandeliers are a good option while chrome and glass chandeliers give you a modern look. Nowadays chandeliers come in different colors and materials like gold, rustic iron, or any other that suits best.

There are also other styles like drum-shaped chandeliers that would light up the entire space, mini chandeliers for smaller spaces, sputnik chandeliers that have arms in round or random shapes, contemporary styles, and hybrid ones that come in a variety of combinations and style.

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