Lighting Options For Low Ceilings – Things To Know

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When finalizing a chandelier for your space, you will face many dilemmas. The one that you choose should not become the wrong choice for any space. Some ceilings will not be more than 8 feet tall from the floor and finding the right chandeliers for such ceilings will become a headache for you. This is when you need help from the best sources.

Sofary is one such place where you can find many wonderful choices in the world of chandeliers. This destination will offer details about all the chandeliers including the chandelier for low ceiling as well. You can go through these options and purchase the best one for you.

Dilemmas Associated with Chandeliers 

  • The dilemma with the design 

The lower tip of the chandelier should be at least 7 feet away from the floor of any room. This factor will avoid the chances of chandeliers hitting your head whenever you pass through any room. If the room is not more than 8 feet tall, then the chandelier that you choose should not be more than 16 inches tall.

  • Dramatic chandeliers do not fit everywhere 

Some chandeliers are dramatic and also beautiful to look at. These will surely make your eyes linger longer on them every time your eyes pass through them in catalogs, online destinations, and so on. Some chandeliers will not be longer in their dimension but will be quite wider in their design. When installed against the ceiling, the chandeliers will surely make your choices look like a beautiful noggin on the ceiling.

  • Chandeliers for particular rooms 

The bedroom is the place where people spend few hours in their day, and yet are the best hours of one’s life because it is the place where people get a feeling of relaxation every time they are here. The décor that is chosen for this room should always be elegant, soothing, and pleasing to the eye and also to the mind that spends time there. The same goes for choosing the chandeliers too.

The chandeliers that you choose for your bedroom should offer enough space for people to pass through without bumping their heads to the tip.

  • Create Drama 

Repetitive chandeliers have a way of creating drama in the place where they are installed. The pathways that connect different rooms, spaces, and everything else in the room will not offer enough space for the installation of huge lighting options. It is when such repetitive chandeliers will be the best choice.

Square chandeliers are the lighting options that are in great demand from the time they hit the market. These crystal chandeliers with glass finish are elegant yet attractive to look at. Their square shape will make them ideal to fit into any room with any design and shape. Pendant chandeliers, hanging chandeliers and other such options that come with dropping-like designs are also ideal to fit any room.

Before finalizing any chandelier for any room, you should first understand the basic factors such as the actual dimension of the room, available space for the installation of fixtures, and so on. Go through all the options and make a wise decision.

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