December 2, 2023

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Plastic Show Jump Poles – The Evolution of a New Generation of Poles

The show jumping sport has undergone several changes over the last few years. One of the most notable changes in this sport was the transition from the wooden poles used previously to the modern plastic poles. In this article, you will learn about the evolution, benefits, and changes in the show-jumping industry due to the use of Plastic horse jumps pole.

Traditional Wooden Era

For decades, show jumpers used wooden poles in their training and competing. Wooden rods had many advantages. One was their natural, classic appearance, which appealed greatly to traditionalists. The wooden poles had their advantages but also several drawbacks. This made them less-than-ideal for modern jumping.

1. Weight and Handling: The wooden poles are very heavy and can make it difficult to maneuver, especially while setting up and adjusting the jump course. This was an inconvenience for event organizers as well as trainers.

2. Maintenance: Wooden poles must be regularly sanded, painted, and weatherproofed. Wood poles can become brittle, cracked, or rot as they age due to environmental exposure.

3. Limited Options for Customization: Wooden rods had limited options to customize in terms of color and style. Show jumpers have few options for designing visually challenging and appealing courses.

Plastic Show Jump Poles on the Rise

Plastic show jump poles were born when the equestrians realized that they needed to innovate in their show jumping equipment. These poles – made of lightweight, durable PVC – ushered in new eras for the sport. This is how the poles have evolved to revolutionize show jumping.

Lightweight and Easy To Handle

It is important to note that plastic show jump poles are light in weight. It is easy for trainers to transport these poles and even easier for riders. This convenience has made training sessions easier and created dynamic jump courses.

Low Maintenance

Plastic show jump poles only require a little maintenance. These poles do not require painting or weatherproofing. They’re designed to be durable and safe, even when exposed to harsh weather.


Plastic show poles provide a range of customization possibilities. Riders or trainers can choose colors and styles to create visually attractive and challenging courses. Many offer the ability to customize graphics and branding to improve the overall aesthetics of the jumping.

Durability & Safety

In plastic show jumps, both horses and riders can use poles. They are durable, safe, and easy to use. They are less likely to splinter upon impact. This lowers the risk of injury during competitions and training. The poles’ durability will make the investment worthwhile over time.


Compared to traditional wood poles, show-jump poles made of plastic are usually more cost-efficient. Because of their low maintenance requirements and durability, riders and trainers can reduce ongoing costs.


The evolution of equipment for show jumping, particularly the move to plastic jump poles, is an important step forward in history. These lightweight poles, which are low-maintenance and highly customizable, have improved show jumping training, enhanced safety, and made it more accessible and visually captivating.

Sports Mark manufacturers played a vital role in improving the quality and safety of plastic horse leaps. Plastic show poles play a major role in the growth and evolution of show jumping. They are essential to the sport, its popularity, and its success.