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Five takeaways from Mexico’s midterm election

The morning after his country's largest election in history, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador held his daily press conference, where he usually talks about his policies and answers questions from the media.

Massive sinkhole threatens house in central Mexico

A huge sinkhole some 60 meters in diameter has appeared in farmers' fields in central Mexico, threatening to swallow a nearby house.

Canadians demand action from officials as country mourns discovery of a mass grave of children’s remains

Indigenous leaders and residential school survivors in Canada are calling on officials to do a thorough investigation of every former residential school in the country after the remains of more than 200 children were found on the grounds of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School.

Tens of thousands protest in Brazil demanding Bolsonaro’s impeachment and better vaccine access

Tens of thousands of Brazilians took to the streets Saturday to voice their frustrations with President Jair Bolsonaro's handling of the Covid-19 crisis, in what appeared to be the largest protests the country has seen since the pandemic began last year.

Brazil’s economy plummets in Covid’s shadow

The Covid-19 crisis has claimed over 450,000 lives in Brazil, and wrecked the livelihoods of so many more. Brazilians are facing one of the worst economic recessions in the country's history. Millions remain unemployed, inflation is climbing, countless businesses are going under, and people are going hungry.

Peru’s Shining Path rebel group kills 16 ahead of presidential elections, says military

Peruvian authorities say members of the Shining Path rebel group have killed 16 people, including two children, in a poverty-stricken, coca-growing region southeast of the capital, Lima.

Suspect charged in Edmonton attacks that injured five

A Somali refugee charged with five counts of attempted murder is accused of striking a police officer in Edmonton, Canada, with a car and later plowing a truck into pedestrians on a busy street, injuring four.

Singer Jason Aldean describes ‘horrific’ Las Vegas shooting

American country singer Jason Aldean, who was performing when a gunman opened fire on concert-goers in Las Vegas, has described the deadly incident as "beyond horrific."

Air France superjumbo engine failure forces emergency landing in Canada

An Air France flight from Paris to Los Angeles made an emergency landing in Canada on Saturday after one of its engines failed during an Atlantic crossing.

The US Virgin Islands are suffering from the storms, too

The humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico grips the country, but the destruction from the storms was widespread, and the US Virgin Islands are facing their own lengthy recovery.

Cut off after bridge collapsed, Puerto Ricans cross river with cable

Puerto Ricans in the town of San Lorenzo were forced to ford a river using a cable wire after Hurricane Maria destroyed the bridge connecting it to the rest of the countryside.


See photos from the Caribbean after Hurricane Maria devastated the region.

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Boris Johnson extends current lockdown rules in England due to concerns over Delta Covid variant

Boris Johnson extends current lockdown rules in England due to concerns over Delta Covid variant

Judge keeps second part of DOJ memo on Mueller report about Trump secret, for now

US Attorney General William Barr participates in a news conference to provide an update on the investigation of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 on the 32nd anniversary of the attack, at the US Department of Justice in Washington, D.C, December 21, 2020.Michael Reynolds | Pool | ReutersA federal judge declined Monday to order the Department of Justice to release the second part of a memo about the Mueller report written to former Attorney General William Barr, which argued that there was not enough evidence to prosecute then-President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice. Judge Amy Berman Jackson said in a ruling that she wanted to allow the DOJ time to follow through on its appeal of her earlier decision ordering the release of the entire memo by the department's Office of Legal Counsel. "While there may be some additional public benefit in revealing the contents of Section II, the Court will not deny the Department the opportunity to challenge its ruling in order to advance t..

WHO says Covid is spreading faster than the global distribution of vaccines

WHO says Covid is spreading faster than the global distribution of vaccines

This Japanese-inspired waffle towel is a shower game changer

If the plush terry were to have a cool younger cousin, it would certainly be this up-and-coming category of super absorbent towels known for ultra-fast drying. And one such waffle towel making major waves is Japanese-inspired brand Onsen.