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How this CEO is trying to get his country out of its Covid crisis

As Taiwan fights its worst outbreak of Covid-19, two companies are developing local vaccines in the hopes of picking up where other supplies have failed. CNN's Will Ripley sits down for an exclusive interview with the CEO of one of these companies.

‘Microchip manicure’ turns your nails into business cards

Lanour Beauty Lounge in Dubai is offering a tiny microchip for customers' fingernails. The chips can be used as a digital business card, or to pass on information like an Instagram handle -- or even a full restaurant menu for waiters.

Travelers care deeply about sustainability – until it inconveniences them

In this article AXPSurveys indicate a silver lining to the pandemic is a heightened commitment to "sustainable" travel by consumers. But as vaccinations lift travel prospects, hopes for a "green" recovery may have been overblown. Sustainable travel has grown in popularity in recent years as people have tried to mitigate the negative effects of tourism, either by avoiding damaging practices or offsetting them. The pandemic appeared to accelerate that trend. According to a recent study by travel company Virtuoso, four in five people (82%) said the pandemic has made them want to travel more responsibly in the future. Almost three-quarters (72%) said travel should support local communities and economies, preserve destinations' cultural heritage and protect the planet. Sustainable travel will have to cost more if it must reduce its carbon footprint.Dr. Srikanth Beldonaprofessor, University of DelawareBut a further probe tells a different story. In a separate study by travel site The Va..

Newborn girl found abandoned in a wooden box floating in India’s holiest river

A 21-day-old baby was found in a box floating down the Ganges river in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, according to local police.